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Kataif, also widely known as Konafa, is a type of phyllo dough that is thinly shredded and baked until golden-brown. Kataif is prepared by using savory and sweet ingredients. It is similar to how our Baklava is made using very thin sheets of phyllo dough. Kataif also contains phyllo dough but is prepared in a manner which many would refer to as “angel-hair” style phyllo dough, except it is much thinner and lighter.

Kataif is one of a kind in the way it bursts into delicious, crunchy little flakes leaving you jaw dropped as to how you didn’t know it existed!! Kataif has been used in the Mediterranean world since ancient times. Historians believe that it originated in Egypt around the 15th century and was served during special traditional ceremonies. It is also very popular among Greek, Turkish & Middle Eastern nations.

Due to current concerns for health and nutrition, new importance was given to the ancient pastry as it contains NO cholesterol and has very little sodium, fat, and calories…… YES, THE BAD ONES!!!

Kataif is a specially prepared dough that is extremely versatile, which can replace traditional pie crusts and puff pastries, both of which are high in saturated fat.

Most Kataifs are prepared with butter, however we prefer to use just slight amount of coconut oil to bind the dough, making it vegan in its entirety.

Our main goal is to provide Kataif options on our menu that vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, omnivores & carnivores can all enjoy.

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